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All money raised goes directly to the Southern Maine Veterans' Cemetery Association

Please make checks payable to:


Mail your donation to:
Heritage Memorials
P.O. Box 145
Sanford, Maine 04073


Veterans Memorial Cemetery Benefit Ride

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Benefit Bicycle Ride To Beautify
So. Maine Veterans' Memorial Cemetery

Forrest Mansur of Heritage Memorials will be doing a self-supported bicycle ride from Maine to Key West to benefit Southern Maine Veterans' Memorial Cemetery Association Beautification Project. The Veterans Association has been working on this project for over two years and this is why Forrest has volunteered for this fund raising ride.

His journey will start on December 15, 2012 at the Southern Maine Veterans' Cemetery in Springvale, Maine and finishing at the Naval Air Station in Key West, Florida. The trip will take approximately 40 days and cover about 1,800 miles. Forrest will be sharing posts and pictures from his bike ride and to show the towns that he travels through on his official Bike Ride Blog. All costs of this trip will be completely self-funded including lodging, food, repairs, etc.

100% of the donations raised will go directly to SMVCA.

The goal of this trip is to bring awareness to the great duties that our SMVCA does for our own veterans and to help them achieve their goals to beautify their final resting place by raising the needed money for their plaques for the gates.

The goal of this trip is to bring awareness to the SMVCA's goals and to help our York County community.

How You Can Help

Our goal is to raise $30,000 to buy and install service emblems on the gates at the entrance of the cemetery. Any extra money raised will be used for continued beautification of the cemetery in honor of our veterans.

COMPANY SPONSORSHIPS: Available in amounts of $250, $500, $750 and $1,000

In addition to helping to honor the Veterans of Southern Maine your company will receive:

  • Access to Forrest's online blog, journalizing his amazing trip.
  • $250 Sponsor: 120 x 80 logo and link to your website as an official sponsor.
  • $500 Sponsor: 200 x 120 logo and link to your website as an official sponsor.
  • $750 Sponsor: 300 x 120 logo and link to your website as an official sponsor.
  • $1,000 Sponsor: 400 x 140 logo and link to your website as an official sponsor.
    (logo size examples are shown below)

All checks should be made payable to: Southern Maine Veterans' Cemetery Association.
Mail your checks to: Heritage Memorials, P.O. Box 145, Sanford, Maine 04073


About The Southern Maine Veterans' Memorial Cemetery

The Southern Maine Veterans' Memorial Cemetery Association is a non-profit local organization that is run by a group of dedicated volunteers whose focus is the beautification of the newly built Veterans' Cemetery located on Stanley Road in Springvale, Maine.

The cemetery is just two years old and built by the funding of state and federal government. It is progressing nicely, but certain other aspects of its veteran dedication are left to the SMVCA. Many of those who have been laid to rest, both burials and cremations, were members of our own southern Maine community or have family members within the community.

The SMVCA meets monthly to discuss goals and ideas of beautification of the cemetery. They are currently looking to place an emblem for each branch of the armed services on each side of the cemetery entrance gate. This would include 10 plaques for each gate. The gate is a key focal point upon entering the cemetery and was built to receive these plaques, but is currently without them because of the the cost.

The committee initially received donations when the cemetery opened in 2010. With those donations, the committee has proudly provided the colored plaques for each of the branches of the armed services on the committal building. They were able to purchase one of the plaques for the gate but realized it would take a long time to get the needed donations to complete the series needed. Now they are looking to purchase and installed plaques for the gates, and this is where they need our help.

Our veterans proudly serve our country which in turn allow us our freedom, which we treasure every day. The SMVCA would like to once again honor those who served by placing a plaque for each branch of the service on this gate.

The goal of this trip is to bring awareness to the SMVCA's goals and help raise the needed money for plaques for the gates.

Corporate Sponsors ($250, $500, $750 & $1000)

AMVET #3 Sanford, Maine

Dunkin Donuts of Sanford VFW York Maine

photo photo Black Funeral Homes

Landry Furniture Genest Precast CSA Enterprises, LLC

NH American Legion Post No 69 FoglioPelletier Foundations


Sponsors (under $250)

Quint Cheney Post 87 American Legion $200.00
Susan Genest Lebel
Dee Richard, Theresa Jodway, Debby Springer, Deb Traves,
Linda Cates, Sara Hammond, Marly Weiss
North Berwick Income Tax Service
Normand Electric, INC
Jeffrey Simpson
Roger and Joan Manzo
Sanford-Springvale VFW Post 9935
The American Legion Post 159
American Legion # 87 Auxillary Bingo Account, North Berwick
Jerry's Market
Webber Lefebvre Post 74 American Legion $50.00
American Legion Post No. 74 Kennebunk, ME $50.00
Sterry Allen $50.00
Eugene Alley $40.00
Wilbur G. Shaw Hardware $25.00




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